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Press Release - South Carolina Law Enforcement Accreditation Program



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Columbia, SC (Monday, February 7, 2022, at 10:30a.m.)
South Carolina Law Enforcement Accreditation (SCLEA) is pleased to announce a new accreditation assistance program supported by the Office of Community Oriented Policing
Services (COPS).

The new program is designed to support law enforcement agencies in South Carolina as they work toward the goal of State accreditation.  SCLEA is the premier accrediting body in South Carolina. To date, the organization has accredited 30 law enforcement agencies in the State, and another 27 agencies are currently in the self-assessment phase of the process.  

This year, SCLEA wants to substantially increase this number and has designed a new assistance program to facilitate the plan.

"We want this new initiative to be a huge success," stated John Tucker, the organization's chairman.  "We are opening a new office in the Columbia area and will be enlisting a new administrative staff to handle agency calls and questions regarding the accreditation process. Senior assessors will also be available to provide on-site training and follow-up with agencies that choose to accept the accreditation challenge."

State accreditation consists of five phases: application, self-assessment, on-site assessment, council review, and continued compliance.  If your organization is ready to take the path toward best practices, the SCLEA staff will be available to assist you through each phase of the process.

Please visit the SCLEA website at for additional information.

Contact information:
SCLEA Chairman John Tucker -
South Carolina Law Enforcement Accreditation Program


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