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South Carolina Law Enforcement Accreditation

Recognizing dedication, excellence, and professionalism in South Carolina law enforcement

South Carolina Law Enforcement Accreditation (SCLEA) is the official South Carolina state accrediting body and is responsible for administrative tasks associated with accreditation.

Since 1999 SCLEA has been recognized as a means of maintaining the highest standards of law enforcement accreditation.

The SCLEA Accreditation Program is a voluntary initiative for professional improvement, fashioned in ways that best meet local needs while simultaneously expressing commitment to professional law enforcement practices.

Standards for the program are developed from multiple sources, including South Carolina State Law, stakeholder expertise and best business practices. The standards are designed to be attainable for all South Carolina agencies, regardless of size. All SCLEA standards are mandatory and have specific requirements the agency must address, the actual way the standards are met is determined by the agency CEO.

The program is managed and directed by the governing council of South Carolina Law Enforcement Accreditation, Inc., a non-profit corporation. Council members meet quarterly to oversee the accreditation process and to officially accredit agencies that have proven their adherence to the program's meticulous review process.